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Real world project: Cynnal Cymru – Sustainabox


Competitions: UCC Coffee – Grand Café

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Penguin book covers: A Clockwork Orange


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Student Set Project: HSBC Mortgage for first time buyers

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The Big Idea: Perception of social media


Viva Questions


How did the choices of projects you made, help you plan for the future?

I feel that the projects I have selected and worked on allowed me to look into different aspects of graphic design. They covered digital UX, publications and packaging. This allowed me to cover a range of skills too. At the start of the year I was curious to go into social media marketing but now I feel that other areas of design are a possibility. As I am still unsure of what area I would like to work in, it has been a great experience working on each of these aspects which I feel will help me adjust to most areas of design easily. Our real world project and other various group projects taught me how to collaborate with other professionals. As of August, I will be going to Chengdu for 2 months to become a junior graphic designer.

Which piece of work or project best represents your ambition? Why?

I feel that my HSBC project best represents my ambition, this can also be said for my exhibition piece as I really enjoyed working on both my mobile app and packaging for a coffee brand. I have worked on a few mobile apps prior to this and feel that I have learnt a great deal from my most recent app as it integrates many functions. I am really interested in mobile app usability and would happily explore this area of design for a career. I am super intrigued with HTML and CSS too but have not had the access to frequent lessons along side university. This is something I will definitely work on over the next 12 months.

Which is the most memorable, interesting idea in your work?

Again, I feel my HSBC app has been my most memorable project as I had a very strong initial concept which motivated me throughout. As I am interested in mobile apps this also kept me curious to explore the possibilities of the layout. I enjoyed trying to keep the app fresh and less corporate to become more inviting to first time buyers. I think the platform I chose carefully considered its target audience which was the modern generation around my age who where looking to get their first house. With such an app, the applicant could get real time feedback on their application progress and get 24/7 application assistance straight from their pocket, meaning they would not have to travel to their nearest branch unless preferred. The application itself also integrates house-search engine ‘Zoopla’ for a more personalised house search, catered to the applicant.

Which is your most appropriate solution to a communication problem?

I feel my redesign of Grand Cafe has been the more appropriate solution to a communication problem. Their original packaging lacked character and was unappealing. Its choice of colours made it seem like it was a cheap brand which in my opinion suggests that the company has minimised spending at every corner to save money. This was not the case, I created a range of blends each with their own unique set of illustrations to bring alive the flavour inside each package. This revitalised version has a playful feel about it, possibly from the typefaces used. Its range of colours also draw attention to the package. UCC felt that their current packaging was kept hidden under the shelf at cafes and restaurants, they wanted this packaging to be sat out front and promote the good causes that they do. UCC Coffee is more than just coffee, it is a way of life in developing and affected countries. It has given hope and support to local communities and boosted their economy. We should be celebrating its packaging, not hiding it away.

Give an example of work formed or influenced by your research, by your dissertation topic, and/or contemporary culture.

My dissertation focused on advertisement and how it has developed over the last century. I learnt a lot about the psychology behind modern day advertisement and was amazed by how our internet activity is tracked and monitored to provide accurate market targeting. My thesis looked at the work of Sigmund Freud and his theory of radical behaviourism. This was the manipulation of advertisement to influence the consumers on an unconscious level through the behavioural Id and superego structures.  Combining this with the research I found for The Big Idea, which looked at our behaviour on social media, I would say it has influenced the platform I chose for my HSBC outcome as it meets the requirements of the modern generation who are socially engaged and use smart devices on a daily bases. I feel that a modern generation would prefer to stay informed of their application through their devices which is more efficient and easier to manage.

BA Graphic Communication Summer Show 2016 — — W210 BAGC blog —

BA Graphic Communication Summer Show 21st – 28th May 2016 Cardiff School of Art & Design Cardiff Metropolitan University Llandaff Campus Western Avenue Cardiff CF5 2YB Part of the CSAD Summer Show Design by Jordan Gazzard

via BA Graphic Communication Summer Show 2016 — — W210 BAGC blog —

My experiment degree show setup

Here are some close-ups of my exhibition setup. I have added in a few extra objects to create that sense of coffee and give it a rustic feel. My coffee table will be slightly longer giving me the freedom to space my items out and add a few more things I have planned. I also need to include my posters, farmer stories and the main feature: The revitalised coffee packagings I originally set out to make. These will be printed tomorrow onto card to give them a sturdier structure.

UCC: Concertina information booklet

To finish off my donation packs I have created two concertina booklets which fits nicely into the box besides the mug and coffee sachets. The two booklets offer information on different endangered animals which each pack helps to protect through the donations raised. The animals are; the Asian elephant for the Honey blend, Vietnam. The second is the Amazon jaguar for Guatemala. They give a overview of the coffee blend and where it is farmed, background information on the specific endangered animal, their threats, and how the donation pack will benefit the animal. On the reverse side is a panoramic pattern to reflect the brand blend’s identity.

I printed this at home on my A4 printer which was just big enough width-way. I created a custom length and cut my desired length from an A1 sheet. After the printing and cutting was complete, I added on a larger front and back to each booklet as a doubled up cover, this helps the inside pages stand off the ground when expanded out, which is a nice finish. I tried to gloss-coat the front and back however the card used just absorbed it and gave it a smooth touch and a strong smell.

UCC: Small details

With my to-do list at the ready, I am able to jump between different tasks to keep myself interested in the projects. I have already created my exhibition space and experimented with what works well, I have also taken photographs of the space set-up on my DSLR for better quality, this has helped me to create easy mockups like the one below.

I added the coffee brand name with its blend colour to the mugs which are going inside my donation packs, this will be seen through the window of the package along with the information booklets and coffee sachets. I was curious about adding a small toy of the endangered animal each package protected, but it would cause the box to need modification to account for the extra height.

UCC: Printing on to material

Earlier today, I played with transfer papers. I made a fake coffee bag information stamp for each of the blends, after printing them I realised mid-set that I forgot to change the ‘orange decaf’ on the other two designs which means that I will have to go out and buy more bags and transfer papers. The outcome turned out very well, the first attempt did remove some of the ink when pealing however I liked the effect it left, which made it look more authentic and worn. I will still use these bags but underneath my desk as background objects. I could fill these up with newspaper to make them seem full of coffee.

Over the past week I have really stepped outside of my comfort zone and experimented with water decal, transfers and physical nets which I am interested in pursuing as a possible career – packaging design. It is satisfying to see your digital work become physical prints not only onto paper but a range of different and unique materials such as cotton, ceramic and glass. I have also dived in to making my first actual publication which I am going to use in my degree show once I create its final print run later this week. I have a few more things to create over the next couple of days as well as my portfolio, other projects and my long research and development files. There is plenty of time and I am slowly getting through my to-do lists.